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Angul power station is a 1,200-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power stations in Odisha, India.


The undated satellite photo below shows Angul I in Derang village, Angul district.

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Angul I is a pit-head thermal power project located in the village of Derang, District Angul, state Odisha, sponsored by Jindal India Thermal Power. The project was originally planned to have a generation capacity of 1800 MW, consisting of three units of 600 MW each. The three units of 600 MW each will be developed in phases, according to the Jindal website: Unit 1 was commissioned in March 2014 and unit 2 is planned for July 2014. No mention is made on the progress of unit 3.[1]

Unit 1 was commissioned in 2014 and unit 2 in January 2015.[2] Unit 3 appears to be cancelled.

Financial difficulties

In June 2020 it was reported that a Deutsche Bank-led consortium suspended a transaction in which it offered to buy the 76 billion rupees (US$1 billion) debt of Jindal India Thermal Power’s Angul plant for 24 billion rupees (US$318 million). The Deutsche Bank consortium was the only bidder for the debt on the project which lacks a dedicated coal supply and has been hit by the dramatic downturn in power demand due to COVID-19 restrictions.[3]


Jindal was also planning to develop a second power project at Angul, Angul II, with an aggregate planned generation capacity of 1320 MW, consisting of two units of 660 MW each. It is proposed to be developed in the vicinity of Angul I.[4]

As of December 2017 neither unit 3 of Angul I nor Angul II have received environmental permits. The units appear to be deferred or abandoned.

Coal supply

Jindal states that coal for the project will be sourced from a "captive coal block which is approximately 5 kilometres from the power station and Mahanadi Coalfields Limited which operates mines 35 kilometres from project site. "The water for Angul I will be sourced from the upstream Samal Barrage on Brahmaniriver, which is approx. 14 km from project site," Jindal states.[1]

Citizen opposition

In July 2011 it was reported that "hundreds of locals of about 15 villages of Kishore Nagar block demonstrated before the block development officer." Protesters demanded the project be immediately canceled, claiming the plant would force locals to lose vital agricultural and forest land.[5]

Project Details

Sponsor: Jindal India Thermal Power
Location: Derang village, Angul district, Odisha
Coordinates: 21.1270438, 84.9805516 (exact)

  • Angul I, Unit 1: Operating (2014)
  • Angul I, Unit 2: Operating (2015)
  • Angul I, Unit 3: Cancelled
  • Angul II: Cancelled


  • Angul I: 1800 MW (3 x 600 MW)
  • Angul II: 1320 MW (2 x 660 MW)

Projected in service:
Coal Type:
Coal Source: Captive coal block Mandakini-A with a 96.84 MMT share of reservers[6]
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:
Permits and applications: Angul I, Units 1 and 2: Environmental Clearance, India MoEF, Sept 29, 2008

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