Anhui Huainan Panji power station

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Anhui Huainan Panji power station (淮南矿业潘集电厂) is an operating power station of at least 1320-megawatts (MW) in Jiahe, Panji District, Huainan, Anhui, China with multiple units, some of which are not currently operating.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Plant name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Anhui Huainan Panji power station Jiahe, Panji District, Huainan, Anhui, China 32.76917, 116.759595 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the power station.

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Unit-level coordinates (WGS 84):

  • Phase I Unit 1, Phase I Unit 2, Phase II Unit 3, Phase II Unit 4: 32.76917, 116.759595

Project Details

Table 2: Unit-level details

Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology Start year Retired year
Phase I Unit 1 operating coal - unknown 660 ultra-supercritical 2022
Phase I Unit 2 operating[1] coal - unknown 660 ultra-supercritical 2023[1]
Phase II Unit 3 construction coal - unknown 660 ultra-supercritical 2025
Phase II Unit 4 construction coal - unknown 660 ultra-supercritical 2025

Table 3: Unit-level ownership and operator details

Unit name Owner
Phase I Unit 1 Huaihe Energy Power Group Co Ltd [100.0%]
Phase I Unit 2 Huaihe Energy Power Group Co Ltd [100.0%]
Phase II Unit 3 Huaihe Energy Power Group Co Ltd [100.0%]
Phase II Unit 4 Huaihe Energy Power Group Co Ltd [100.0%]

Project-level coal details

  • Coal source(s): Zhuji East mine
  • Permit(s): June 15, 2020, September 28, 2022


The power station is different from the Anhui Huainan Panji Waste Coal power station.

In 2015, Huainan Mining Group proposed a 2 x 1,000 MW ultra-supercritical coal plant in Jiahe of the Panji District, known as the Anhui Huainan Panji power station.[2]

There was no further news on the plant until 2018, when the project completed a feasibility study, this time as a 2 x 660 MW coal plant. The project is being fast-tracked by Anhui province, with construction planned for 2019 and operation in 2021.[3]

The coal plant was permitted for construction in June 2020.[4][5]

Construction began shortly after, in October 2020.[6]

In June 2022, the group was planning to invest 5.5 trillion yuan in a second phase for the plant (2 × 660MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired unit project).[7]

Units 3 and 4 were permitted on September 28, 2022.[8]

Unit 1 began operating in December 2022.[9][10]

Unit 2 was operating by February 2023.[11][12]

Phase II received its "construction land" approval from the provincial government in February 2023.[13] The project was up for public bidding in early 2023, including in April.[14]

In June 2023, it was reported that China Energy Construction Anhui Power Construction No. 2 Company won the bid for Section A of the main project, and undertook the construction and installation project of No. 3 unit. The units were expected by 2025.[15] News noted that construction started on June 27, 2023.[16][17][18]

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