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The Anjar-Chotila Gas Pipeline was a proposed natural gas pipeline in India that is presumed shelved.[1][2][3][4]


The pipeline runs from Anjar, Gujarat to Chotila, Gujarat.[2] The pipeline's exact route is published as part of GSPL's January 2020 Expression of Interest (EOI) submitted to GAIL[5] and on a 2016 summary document from GSPL.[6]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL)[2]
  • Owner: Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL)[2]
  • Parent company: Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL)[2]
  • Capacity: 13 MMCMD[1]
  • Length: 124.27 miles / 200 kilometers[1]
  • Diameter:
  • Status: Shelved[4]
  • Start year:
  • Cost:
  • Financing:
  • Associated infrastructure:


The pipeline is owned and operated by GSPL.[7] In August 2016 the project's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) put its cost at 1058.4 crore.[7] In June 2020 GAIL responded to GSPL's EOI for the pipeline with an opinion that GSPL should consider altering its route so that it begins at the Mundra LNG Terminal in Mundra Port.[3]

The pipeline is expected to be commissioned by December 2021.[8] As of December 2021 there was still no evidence for this. A February 2022 news report claimed that GSPL has decided to drop the project.[4]

An November 2022 map published by the Indian Gas Exchange (IGX) shows the proposed pipeline project as 'under development'.[9]

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