Apaika-Nenke Oil and Gas Field (Ecuador)

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Apaika-Nenke Field is an operating oil and gas field in Ecuador.[1]


The location of the field in Ecuador is not known.

Project Details

  • Status: Operating[1]
  • Coordinates:
  • Operator: Petroamazonas EP[1]
  • Owner:
  • Parent:
  • Discovery year:
  • Production start year:
  • Basin:
  • Concession/Block:
  • Project/Complex:

Production and Reserves

Table 1: Production and Reserves - Apaika-Nenke Field

Category Fuel Description Reserve Classification Quantity Units Data Year Source
production associated gas not applicable 8.1 million m³/y 2019 [1]
production oil not applicable 2.3 million bbl/y 2019 [1]
reserves oil 1P reserves 24 million bbl 2016 [2]
reserves oil 3P reserves 35 million bbl 2016 [2]
million bbl = million barrels
million bbl/y = million barrels per year
million m³/y = million cubic meters per year

Articles and Resources


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