Arad–Szeged Gas Pipeline

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Arad-Szeged Gas Pipeline is an international pipeline delivering gas from Romania to Hungary.[1]


The 109 kilometer pipeline runs from Arad in Western Romania to Szeged in Hungary.

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Project Details

  • Operator: FGSZ (Hungary); Transgaz (Romania)
  • Owner: FGSZ, Transgaz
  • Parent: MOL Group (Hungary); Transgaz (Romania)
  • Current capacity: 4.5 billion cubic meters per year
  • Length: 109 kilometers[2]
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2010


The 109 kilometer pipeline which has a design annual capacity of 4.5 billion cubic meters is a project developed by the Hungarian operator, MOL Group, a unit of FGSZ Natural Gas Transmission, and Transgaz, the operator of the Romanian section. The European Energy Economic recovery programme (EERP) also supported the program. The Arad-Szeged gas pipeline is also the first pipeline project to be implemented under the EERP, which provided €17 million to the pipeline's construction.[3] The pipeline is part of a larger project to diversify Europe's gas supply away from Russia. The pipeline connects Romania, which currently imports upwards to 30% of its gas from Russia, to the European gas transport system.[4] The pipeline was inaugurated in 2010, but began delivering only small amounts of gas in 2013. The pipeline's supply will increase in 2016.[5]

Technical Details

The Romanian section of the pipeline is 62km from Horia (near Arad) to Nadlac near Csanadpalota on the Romanian-Hungary border. It was divided into different sections during construction. The Romanian section includes one gas metering station at Horia and a compressor station at Jupa. It also includes an underpass at the Danube river.[3]

The Hungarian section is 47km-long and runs between Algyõ and Csanádpalota. It was built at a cost of €32.4m and was completed in December 2009. This section includes a commercial metering station at Csanádpalota. Construction of the Hungarian section was completed in February 2010.[3]

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