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ArcelorMittal Acciaierie d'Italia Taranto steel plant, also known as ILVA Taranto steel plant (predecessor), ILVA S.P.A. in a.s. Stabilimento di Taranto, and Taranto Steelworks, is a 11500 thousand tonnes per annum (TTPA) blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel plant operating in Taranto, Province of Taranto, Italy.


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Taranto, Province of Taranto, Italy.

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  • Location: Via Appia SS km 648, 74123 Taranto TA, Italy[1]
  • Coordinates (WGS 84): 40.508993, 17.207589 (exact)


The ArcelorMittal Acciaierie d'italia Taranto steel plant is currently equipped with five blast furnaces and is the largest steelworks in Europe,[2] accounting for approximately 40% of Italian steel production.[3]

The company is expanding its electric capacity, with plans for an EAF capable of producing 2500ttpa to come into operation in 2024.[4]


On June 5, 2017, ArcelorMittal won approval to purchase the plant for €1.8 billion.[5] In April 2019, the Italian government announced plans to end an immunity agreement made with ArcelorMittal to shield them from prosecution for environmental problems with the plant.[6] ArcelorMittal said that ending the immunity agreement would be a breach of contract and cause ArcelorMittal to leave the plant.[6] The immunity agreement ended on November 3, 2019.[6] On November 5, 2019 ArcelorMittal announced its intention to withdraw from the transfer agreement, returning it to Ilva, in extraordinary administration, within 30 days[7]. Procedures to shut down the plant were started, then interrupted under legal and political pressure.[8]

In 2020, ArcelorMittal attempted to return Ilva to the commissioners management, under the protection of the penal shield, implementing all the modernization procedures and environmental sustainability of the Taranto plant.[9][10][11][12] ArcelorMittal began a deal with the Italian Government in which the government will take an equity stake equal or greater than ArcelorMittal's remaining liabilities against the original purchase price.[13] The deal was completed in December 2020.[14]

Environmental and Social Justice

According data available in 2009, in 2005 the production of dioxin by the steel industry ILVA in Taranto, Italy accounted for 90.3 per cent of the overall Italian emissions, and 8.8 per cent of the European emissions.[15]

A study published in 2022 documented excess mortality in the communities nearest the steel plant, illuminating the negative local impacts of the plant's environmental pollution.[16]

Plant Details

Table 1: General Plant Details

Plant status Start date Workforce size
operating[17] 1965[18] 11000[19]

Table 2: Ownership and Parent Company Information

State-owned entity status Parent company Parent company PermID Owner Owner company PermID
partial[17][20][21] ArcelorMittal SA [40%]; Acciaierie d'italia SpA [60%][22] 5000030092 [40%]; 5067495106 [60%] Acciaierie d'italia SpA[17] 5067495106

Table 3: Process and Products

Steel product category Steel products Steel sector end users ISO 14001 Main production equipment Detailed production equipment
semi-finished; finished rolled[23][21] flat, pipes, tube[23][21] automotive; building and infrastructure; energy; steel packaging; tools and machinery; transport[23] yes[24] blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF)[1] coking plant; sinter plant; 4 BOF[23][25]

Table 4: Crude Steel Production Capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):

Basic oxygen furnace steelmaking capacity Nominal crude steel capacity (total)
11500 TTPA[25] 11500 TTPA

Table 5: Crude Iron Production Capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):

Blast furnace capacity Nominal iron capacity (total)
9500 TTPA[26] 9500 TTPA

Table 6: Upstream Products Production Capacities (thousand tonnes per annum)

Sinter Coke
>0 TTPA[27] >0 TTPA[27]

Table 7: Actual Crude Steel Production by Year (thousand tonnes per annum):

Year BOF Production EAF Production OHF Production Total (all routes)
2020 3400 TTPA[28] 3400 TTPA
2021 4100 TTPA[22] 4100 TTPA

Blast Furnace Details

Table 8: Blast Furnace Details:

Unit name Status Start date Stop date Current size Current capacity
1 operating[29] 1960[29] 2000 TTPA[26]
2 operating[29][30] 1960[29][30] 2000 TTPA[26]
4 operating[29] 1960[29] 11 meters (hearth diameter)[31] 2000 TTPA[26]
5 mothballed[26] November 1974[26] 2015[26] 3500 TTPA[26]

Articles and Resources

Additional data

To access additional data, including an interactive map of steel power plants, a downloadable dataset, and summary data, please visit the Global Steel Plant Tracker and Global Blast Furnace Tracker on the Global Energy Monitor website.

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