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The Arcturus coal mine was proposed by Springsure Creek Coal, a subsidiary of Bandanna Energy. The application is currently lapsed. If the mine were to go ahead it would produce thermal coal and be located approximately 40 km south of Emerald and 60 km south-west of Blackwater, Queensland, Australia.[1]

The project would be located on land currently used for grazing and cropping. On 31 May 2011 the Queensland Government announced its intention to introduce legislation later in the year to protect strategic cropping land.[1]


The undated image below shows the approximate location of the proposed mine.

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Coal Mine Background

Bandanna Energy went into voluntary administration in 2014, when Bandanna Energy could not meet "take or pay" contracts entered into for the freshly built Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal.[2]

The project was being assessed by way of a voluntary environmental impact statement. The terms of reference were finalised and issued to the proponent on 2 June 2011.

The proponent then had up to two years to prepare and submit an environmental impact statement for the project based on those terms of reference. The environmental impact statement for Arcturus Coal Mine Project was not submitted to the department within two years of the terms of reference being finalised. If Springsure Creek Coal wishes to recommence the environmental impact statement assessment process for the project in the future, it would need to do so by submitting a new draft terms of reference and paying the prescribed fee.[1]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Springsure Creek Coal
  • Parent Company: Bandanna Energy (liquidated)[2]
  • Location: approximately 40 km south of Emerald and 60 km south-west of Blackwater, Queensland, Australia[1]
  • GPS Coordinates: -23.846667, 148.294105 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Production Capacity: 5 mtpa[3]
  • Total Resource:
  • Mineable Reserves: 155 million tonnes[4]
  • Coal type: Thermal[3]
  • Mine Size:
  • Mine Type: Surface mine and underground[3]
  • Start Year:
  • Source of Financing:


Product coal would be transported to a proposed train loading facility connected to the existing Rolleston rail line using a new balloon loop and rail spur. From there the coal would be taken to the Wiggins Island Coal Terminal via the Blackwater-Gladstone rail line.[1]

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