Ayios Christophoros solar farm

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Ayios Christophoros solar farm (Αγιος Χριστοφορος 1) is a solar farm under construction in Kozani Regional Unit, Western Macedonia, Epirus and Western Macedonia, Greece.

Project Details

Table 1: Phase-level project details for Ayios Christophoros solar farm

Status Commissioning year Nameplate capacity Technology Owner
Construction[1] 2023 (planned)[1] 65 MWp/dc[2] PV[2] Public Power Corporation of Greece (PPC) (ΔΕΗ Ανανεωσιμες ΑΕ)[2]

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Table 2: Phase-level location details for Ayios Christophoros solar farm

Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Kozani Regional Unit, Western Macedonia, Epirus and Western Macedonia, Greece[2] 40.5048, 21.7492 (exact)[2]

The map below shows the exact location of the solar farm:

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Additional data

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