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Baard Generation is the power plant development arm for a group of energy companies affiliated with Baard Energy.[1]

In May 2005 the Vice President, Business Development for Baard Generation, Stephan M. Dopuch, wrote to the Ohio Power Siting Board notifying them that Nordic Energy had been re-named to Baard Generation. Dopuch also informed the boared that "the project company name Nordic Energy of Ashtabula, LLC has been changed and should be reflected in the docket as Ashtabula Generation LLC". The project referred to was an "IGCC project in Ashtabula Township, Ohio".[2]


In 2006 Baard Generation spent $320,000 hiring the public relations firm, Locke Liddell Strategies (LLS).[3] The following year, the company spent $200,000 on help from the PR firm.[4] In 2005, Baard Generation had hired O'Connor & Hannan at a cost of $60,000 for lobbying assistance.[5]

The 2007 end of year lobbying report by Locke Lord Strategies stated that Baard Generation paid it in the order of $100,000. LLS's lobbyists working for Baard were Roy Coffee and David Distefano who lobbied members of Congress on the "farm bill", as well as the U.S. Department of Energy on "Energy & Water appropriations" and the Executive office of the President on "energy legislation pertaining to coal to liquids."[6]

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