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Bac Lieu Project power station is a proposed 3,200-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power plant in the Mekong Delta, Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam. It is also known as the Bac Lieu LNG-to-Power Project.[1]


The map below shows the approximate location of the proposed power station in Hoa Binh District, Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam.

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In November 2016, the project had been left out of Vietnam's revised National Power Development Plan for the 2011-2020 Period and Vision to 2030 (PDP7R) because the project could not get "the consensus of the local people and authority" to build it.[2]

In 2018, however, the province agreed to move ahead with the project. According to NS Energy:

"The People's Committee of the Bac Lieu Province signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Energy Capital Vietnam (ECV), a Vietnam-focused project development and asset management company based in the US, to invest in an integrated LNG-to-power project in May 2018."[1]

In September 2019, An Australian company, LNG Limited, and a Vietnamese company, Delta Offshore Energy, formed an alliance with Vietnam’s Bac Lieu provincial government to develop the project.[3] Reuters reported, "The deal comes at a time when LNG Ltd has been struggling to lock in sales agreements for its Magnolia project due to the U.S. trade dispute with China, which has been seen as a key potential customer for U.S. LNG projects."[4]

In October 2019, the project still needed government approvals.[5] But in December 2019, the Vietnam government included all 3,200 MW of the Bac Lieu LNG-to-Power Project in PDP7R, an "important milestone" in the approval process.[6]

As of February 2021, according to the draft PDP8 the Feasibility Study is in progress.[7] In September 2021 Delta Offshore announced environmental approval for the project.[8]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Delta Offshore Energy
  • Parent company: Delta Offshore Energy
  • Location: Hoa Binh District, Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam
  • Coordinates: 9.2940, 105.7216 (approximate)
  • Gross generating capacity (pre-construction): 3,200 MW
    • Unit CC1: Gas-fired combined cycle, 800 MW (start-up in 2023-2027)[9][10][11]
    • Unit CC2: Gas-fired combined cycle, 800 MW (start-up in 2023-2027)[9][10][11]
    • Unit CC3: Gas-fired combined cycle, 800 MW (start-up in 2023-2027)[9][10][11]
    • Unit CC4: Gas-fired combined cycle, 800 MW (start-up in 2023-2027)[9][10][11]

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