Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Pipeline

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Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj Gas Pipeline is a natural gas pipeline in Bangladesh.[1]


The pipeline runs from the Bakhrabad gas field to Siddhirganj, Bangladesh.

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Project Details

  • Operator: Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL)[2]
  • Owner: Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL)[2]
  • Parent company: Petrobangla[2]
  • Capacity: 450 million cubic feet per day[3][4][2]
  • Length: 37.2 mi / 60 km[4][2]
  • Diameter: 30 inches[4][2]
  • Status: Operating[2]
  • Start year: 2014[5]
  • Cost:
  • Financing:
  • Associated infrastructure:


The Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj gas pipeline is operated by GTCL, a subsidiary of Petrobangla.[1] It is a part of the Siddhirganj Peaking Power Station Project.[5]

The pipeline project was approved in 2007.[5] After the contract was awarded to Turkish firm FERNAS Construction Company, Inc. in 2011, charges of favoritism and conflicts of interest were levied by GTCL "insiders," according to The Daily Star, but were not proven.[6]

The Bakhrabad-Siddhirganj gas pipeline was commissioned in November 2014, however, construction of the pipeline wasn't completed until December 2018.[7]

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