Balkan Stream gas pipeline

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Balkan Stream gas pipeline is an operating gas pipeline in Bulgaria.


The pipeline runs from Bulgaria’s southern border with Turkey to its western border with Serbia. The exact route is shown on page 74 of the Bulgartransgaz 2020 development plan.[1]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Bulgartransgaz EAD[2]
  • Owner: Bulgartransgaz EAD[2]
  • Parent: Bulgarian Energy Holdings EAD
  • Proposed capacity: 20 bcm/y[3]
  • Proposed Length: 474 km / 295 miles[1]
  • Diameter: 47 inches[4]
  • Cost: €1.1 billion (US$1.22 billion)[5]
  • Financing: €630,467 grant from the EU's Connecting Europe Facility[6]; loans to Bulgartransgaz totalling €200 million from nine banks, including Citibank Europe, ING, UniCredit and the Moscow-based International Bank for Economic Co-operation (other participating banks not disclosed)[5]
  • Status: Operating[7]
  • Start Year: 2020[8]
  • Associated Infrastructure: TurkStream Gas Pipeline


The Balkan Stream project is sometimes referred to as the "Expansion of Bulgartransgaz EAD gas transmission infrastructure in the section from BG-TR to BG-RS"[1] and "Balkan Gas Hub-Necessary expansion of the Bulgarian gas transmission system." It is an extension to the TurkStream Gas Pipeline, from Russia to Turkey.[3] As part of the Balkan Gas Hub, a European 'Project of Common Interest', Bulgartransgaz was awarded a €630,467 public money grant for a feasibility study from the Connecting Europe Facility.[6]

In September 2019, Global Business Club reported that construction had begun and 90% of pipes for the Balkan Stream have already been delivered to Bulgaria from Russia.[9]

In December 2020 the pipeline was put into operation.[7]

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG) refers to the project as "TRA-F-592". [1]

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