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The Baralaba coal mine, a surface mine operated by Mount Ramsay Coal Company, is located approximately 8km south of the township of Baralaba and 115km west of Rockhampton, in the lower Bowen Basin region of Central Queensland, Australia.[1]

Baralaba North mine is an already-operating surface mine just to the north of the proposed greenfield Baralaba South mine project.[2][3]


The map below shows the exact location of the mine.

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Coal Mine Background

Baralaba Coal, which was formerly known as Cockatoo Coal, liquidated in 2015 after ANZ said it would end the company’s $81 million bank guarantee. As a result, the company’s Baralaba North mine was placed in care and maintenance in 2016, with around 75 workers losing their jobs.[4] By 2018, production had once again resumed at Balabra North.[5]

Meanwhile, the application for Baralaba South has been progressing. The final Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was issued to the proponent on 21 July 2017.[6]

Baralaba Coal again entered into voluntary administration in July 2017. This comes after the company failed to raise $77 million with a share entitlement offer.[7]

In 2019 the mine got off the ground again with an application for the mine progressing through the Queensland planning system.[6]

The proponent is required to submit an EIS to the department by 19 January 2020.[6]

According to the Queensland Government's website, "On 20 January 2020, the proponent submitted an EIS to the department. On 18 February 2020, the department agreed to the proponent’s request for an extension to the department’s EIS decision period until 16 December 2020. This extension should allow the proponent sufficient time to amend the submitted EIS ... Following a decision by the department on the suitability of the submitted EIS, the EIS will be made available for public review and written submissions."[8]

If approved the mine would be operated in conjunction with Baralaba Coal's Baralaba North Mine. The Baralaba South mine is predicted to have a 23–40 year project life.[6]

In April 2021, in a move which campaigners believe indicates that the Baralaba South mine will not be built, the insurance company Liberty Mutual announced that it would not be filing an environmental impact assessment for the proposed mine, thus missing a deadline set by Queensland authorities as it considers alternatives to the proposed mine. Liberty Mutual, which has come under increasing pressure from community groups not to back the project, commented: "As part of our investment processes, we’ve been evaluating alternatives for our Baralaba investment for some time and will not be submitting an environmental impact assessment for the South Mine at this stage." The company declined to say if it would be seeking an extension of the deadline from state authorities and did not elaborate on the alternatives it was considering.[9]

If the Baralaba South mine is built, the two mines in conjunction would be permitted to produce 6 million tonnes of coal per year.[10] In April 2021, the project's permit deadline was missed after Liberty Mutual announced that it would not be filing an environmental impact assessment (EIS).[9] However, an extension was filed, and as of June 2022, an EIS is being prepared with a new submission deadline of December 2022.[11]

In December 2021, AMCI took control of the Baralaba coal mines.[12]


Product coal will be hauled approximately 40km by public road to the company’s existing train load-out facility located 2km east of Moura. A diversion of the Baralaba – Theodore Road is proposed to the east of the mine to enable the mining activity.[1]

Project Details

  • Owner: Baralaba Coal Company[1]
  • Parent: AMCI[13]
  • Location: 8km south of the township of Baralaba and 115km west of Rockhampton, in the lower Bowen Basin region of Central Queensland, Australia
  • GPS Coordinates: -24.15411438, 149.8027197(exact)
  • Status: Operating[1]
  • Capacity: 4.1 Mtpa currently[2].
  • Production (2020): 1.8[14]
  • Total Resource: 166 million tonnes[15]
  • Mineable Reserves: 79 million tonnes[15] (37.1 Mt at Baralaba North; 38.8Mt at Baralaba South)[16]
  • Coal type: Pulverised injection coal and thermal coal[6]
  • Mine Size: 2,214 hectares[1]
  • Mine Type: Opencast[1]
  • Start Year: Baralaba North opened in 2005,[17]
  • Source of Financing:

Mine Expansion

  • Capacity: 6 Mtpa[10][9]
  • Status: Proposed[11]
  • Start Year: 2022 Baralaba South is scheduled to open in 2022[18]
  • Source of Financing:

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