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Bardin Hill Investment Partners, formerly Halcyon Capital Management, is a New York-based global investment management firm, founded in 1981 and incorporated on December 11, 2012.[1] The name change occurred in October 2018, after former chairman and CEO John M. Bader retired and was replaced by Jason Dillow, the company’s chief investment officer.[2]

Until March 2021, Bardin Hill was one of a consortium of investors holding Coso Geothermal Power Holdings, LLC, a 135 MW geothermal plant in California and third largest power plant in the US. Coso was acquired by Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC.[3]

As of 2019, Bardin Hill (alongside Deutsche Bank AG) was the primary owner of Philadelphia Energy Solutions Inc, a financially troubled company which owns the largest and oldest refinery on the US East Coast.[4] In May 2019, an air monitor at the border of the facility detected levels of benzene (a carcinogenic gas) over 21 times the federal limit, among the highest levels in the country. In June 2019, a fire and explosions at the plant shook homes as far away as South Jersey and released 5,200 pounds of deadly hydrofluoric acid. Residents living near the refinery—60 percent of whom are minority residents and nearly 45 percent of whom live below the poverty line—said they were not warned about their exposure to harmful chemicals. The refinery halted production in August; Bardin Hill did not reply to news inquiries.[5]


Accessed February 2022:[6]

  • Jason Dillow – Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
  • Suzanne McDermott – Chief Operating Officer, Chief Legal Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer
  • Jacob Fishelis – Chief Financial Officer
  • John Greene – Opportunistic Credit Portfolio Manager
  • John Cashwell – Head of Client Partner Group
  • Pratik Desai - Opportunistic Credit Portfolio Manager
  • Philip Raciti – Head of Performing Credit and Portfolio Manager
  • Andrew Friedman – Partner, Opportunistic Credit Strategy
  • Matthew McQuade – Head of Opportunistic Credit Training
  • Avinash Kripalani - Partner, Opportunistic Credit Strategy

Contact Information

299 Park Avenue
24th Floor
New York, NY 10171
Phone: +1-212-303-9400


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