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Barh I power station is a 1,980-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station sponsored by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) that is being constructed in Bihar, India.

Barh I is related to the Barh II power station.


The undated satellite photo below shows the construction site of the power station in the village of Barh.

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Although the foundation stone for Barh I was laid in 1999, the project was delayed due to issues of land availability and contractual disputes. It is on the same location as the Barh II power station, which was announced in 2006[1] and completed in 2015.

It is proposed that the plant will use supercritical technology with coal supplied from the Amrapali Block of North Karanpura coal fields and transported by rail. It is proposed that the power station would comprise three 660 MW units.[2]

Unit 1 of Barh 1 was originally planned to be commissioned in March 2009 but the start date was subsequently delayed to January 2011.[1]

In November 2010, The Times of India reported that the start date of both Barh I and Barh II power station would be further delayed until 2013-14. The delay was the result of a contractual dispute between NTPC and Russia's Technoprom Exports (TPE), the suppliers of the boilers for the project.[3]

In July 2013 a NTPC spokesperson said unit 1 of Barh 1 was in the advanced commissioning stages, and expected to come online in 2014.[4]

In August 2014, an NTPC presentation listed the target date for Unit 1 as 2016 and Unit 2 and 3 as 2017.[5] In July 2015 the Ministry of Power said unit 1 was planned for 2017, and units 2-3 for 2018.[6][7][8]

Although India Infoline reported Unit 1 was commissioned in May 2017,[9] the Ministry of Power states work on unit 1 is ongoing, with the three units now planned for operation in 2020-2022. The delay is due to "Multiple failures of Boiler#1 Super heater and Re-heater tubes for which action plan is under finalization for expeditious supply of new materials and restoration of Boiler to move forward." It was also reported that "Work progress is slow due to land issues faced by Railways."[10]

According to the April 2021 Broad Status report of the India Central Electricity Authority, unit 1 was ready by April 2021. Units 2-3 were planned for commissioning in 2022-2023.[11]

The Central Electricity Authority reported that Unit 1 was commissioned in October 2021,[12] but the company announced that Unit 1 began commercial operation in November 2021. Bihar was expected to get 401 MW of power from the unit, with the remaining 40% shared among beneficiary states like Odisha, Jharkhand, and Sikkim.[13]


On Christmas Eve 2007 NTPC announced that it had finalised a loan agreement for $US380 million with the Japan Bank International Co-operation (JBIC) to partially finance stage I pf the Barh Super Thermal Power Project. NTPC stated that the loan agreement was signed on 20th December 2007 in Tokyo and that the "the facility will have floating rate of interest linked to the LIBOR and door to door maturity of 18 years."[14]

Investigation of payoffs

In November, 2010, The Times of India reported that India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was investigating alleged pay-offs by Russia's Technoprom Exports (TPE) to secure the contract to supply boilers for the Barh project. TPE received the contract in February 2005.[3]

Project Details

Sponsor: National Thermal Power Corporation
Location: Barh village, Patna district, Bihar
Coordinates: 25.4693, 85.74516 (exact)
Status: Operating (Unit 1), Construction (Units 2-3)
Nameplate capacity: 1,980 MW (Unit 1 - 3: 660 MW)
Type: Supercritical
Start year: 2021 (Unit 1), 2022 (Unit 2), 2023 (Unit 3)
Coal Type:
Coal Source: Amrapali Block of North Karanpura coal fields
Source of financing: part-financed by Japan Bank International Co-operation
Permits: Environmental clearance, India MoEF, Sep 11, 2001

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