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Battle River power station, also known as Battle River Generating Station, is a 540-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power station in Forestburg, Flagstaff, Alberta, Canada.[1]


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant in Forestburg, Flagstaff, Alberta, Canada.

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The plant is owned and operated by ATCO. Coal is provided by the Forestburg Collieries operated by West Moreland Coal.[1]

Units 1 and 2 were retired and dismantled in 2000.[2]

In August 2018 the Alberta Utilities Commission approved a plan for ATCO to convert all units at the power station to run on gas instead of coal.[3] ATCO had previously announced that it hoped to make this conversion before current power purchase agreements expired at the end of 2020.[1] As of December 31, 2018 Unit 4 had been converted to be co-firing 50% on coal and 50% on gas.[4] ATCO plans to completely convert Unit 5 to gas in 2019.[4]

In September 2019 ATCO sold Battle River power station as well as Sheerness power station to Heartland Generation Ltd., a subsidiary of U.S. private-equity fund Energy Capital Partners. The sale includes the capital required to convert the plants from coal to natural gas.[5]

Unit 3 was retired on Dec. 31, 2019.[6]

In April 2020 Heartland Generation received approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission to convert Unit 5 to be co-fired by gas and coal and operate it as a co-fired plant through Dec. 31, 2022.[7]

As of November 2021, the power station was reportedly fully converted to run on gas. Heartland Generation was the first large-scale generator in Alberta to phase out coal-fired energy.[8]

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: Heartland Generation Ltd.
  • Parent company: Energy Capital Partners
  • Location: Forestburg, Flagstaff, Alberta, Canada
  • Coordinates: 52.468889, -112.133889 (exact)
  • Status: Unit 1-3: Retired; Units 4-5: Operating (gas)
  • Gross capacity (retired): 209 MW
    • Unit 1: Coal, 30 MW
    • Unit 2: Coal, 30 MW
    • Unit 3: Coal, 149 MW
  • Gross capacity (operating): 540 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • In service: Units 1: 1956-2000; Unit 2: 1964-2000; Unit 3: 1969-2019; Unit 4: 1975-2021; Unit 5: 1981-2021
  • Coal type: Sub-bituminous
  • Coal source: Paintearth and Vesta mines
  • Source of financing:

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