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Bright Stalk wind farm is an operating wind farm in McLean County, Illinois, United States.

Project Details

Table 1: Phase-level project details for Bright Stalk wind farm

Phase name Status Commissioning year Nameplate capacity Type Owner Operator
1 Operating[1] 2019[1] 205 MW[1] Onshore[1] EDP Renewables[2] EDP Renewables[3]
2 Announced[4] 150 MW[5] Onshore[6] EDP Renewables[5]


Table 2: Phase-level location details for Bright Stalk wind farm

Phase Name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
1 McLean County, Illinois, United States[7] 40.7175, -88.6628 (exact)[7]
2 United States 40.64309, -88.64385 (approximate)[8]

The map below shows the locations of the wind farm phases:

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Additional data

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