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The Brinda-Sisai Coal Mine Project is a proposed 0.68 MTPA mine, operated by Tata Steel, located in Jamadoba Colliery in Hazaribagh and Chatra, Jharkand, India.


The satellite image below shows the area of the proposed mine in village Brinda-Sasai, District Chatra-Hazaribagh, Jharkhand.

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Background on Mine

The Proposed Brinda-Sisai Coal Mine Project of 0.68 MTPA on mining lease area of 1377.62 ha is located in Jamadoba Colliery in villages Pokla alias Kasidih, Ghagra, Katahi Misraul, Kishnupur, Madhwapur, Brinda, Sisai, Serangdag, Kabra, Bijua, Gopda, Nawadih, Navakhap, & Chhatti Bariytu, Tehsil Simaria, Tandwa,, Tandwa, Kherada, CD Blocks, in Districts Hazaribagh and Chatra, State Jharkand, India.

The mine was first allotted to Abhijeet Infrastructure Ltd. for the captive consumption of the 0.70 MTPA linked Sponge Iron Plant at Hazaribagh. The Project received the environment clearance on 17 May 2007. The Project involves R&R of two villages- Khalia and Katahi Misraul involving 100 land oustees and 49 losers of homesteads. Life of the mine at the rated capacity of 0.68 MTPA is 56 years. Public Hearing for the project was held on 26 September 2006.[1].

However, the mine was cancelled by Supreme Court in wake of the coalgate scam and further reallotted to Usha Martin Limited by Ministry of Coal in March 2015[2] Later, Tata Sponge Iron Limited, a subsidiary of Tata Steel Limited, acquired the steel business of Usha Martin Limited (UML). The acquisition involved UML’s 1.0 MTPA specialty steel plant in Jamshedpur that makes alloy based long products, a functional iron ore mine, a coal mine under development and captive power plants.[3]

Mine Details

  • Sponsor: Tata Sponge Iron Limited
  • Parent company: Tata Steel
  • Location: villages Brinda-Sisai, District Chatra & Hazaribagh, State Jharkand, India
  • GPS coordinates: Brinda Latitude 23.9125, 23.9402778 Longitude 84.99722222222222, 85.03444444444445 Sisai Latitude 23.9113889, 23.9397222 Longitude 85.03333333333333, 85.05888888888889[4]
  • Status: Proposed
  • Production Capacity: 0.68 MTPA (0.50 from OC & 0.18 from UG)
  • Total Resource: Brinda 34.713MT + Sisai 27.043 MT= 61.756 MT[4]
  • Mineable Reserves: OC 15.20+ UG 10.20= 25.40 MT[4]
  • Coal Type: Grade A-F[4]
  • Mine Size: 1377.62 Ha
  • Mine Type: Opencast and Underground
  • Start Year:
  • Source of Financing:
  • Permits and Applications: Environemnt Clearance for Brinda-Sisai Coal Mine, MoEF&CC India, 17 May 2007

Expansion Details

  • Status:
  • Size of Expansion:
  • Permits and Applications:

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