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CANdo, an anti-carbon price group, was initially established as a "grassroots action network" by the Conservative Leadership Foundation[1], a group founded and chaired by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi. CANdo also occasionally describes itself as the Conservative Action Network.

Debra Gough reported that while the Conservative Leadership Foundation "openly claims ownership of the Conservative Action Network and its website,, on its own website, web visitors who find CANdo independently are only told who the backer is when they attempt to make a donation through PayPal."[2]

On its website CANdo describes itself as "committed to bringing conservatives together who share a vision that limited government, lower taxes, free enterprise and traditional values will build a stronger Australia" and claims that it is "the voice of mainstream Australia".[3]

In December 2011 the CLF announced that CANdo was "in the process of being registered as a company limited by guarantee with an independent board of directors." the CLF stated that it had "seed funded" CANdo as one of a "number of initiatives and backed individuals with good ideas".[1]

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