CHP-9 (Mosenergo) power station

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CHP-9 (Mosenergo) power station (ТЭЦ-9) is a 275-megawatt (MW) operating gas-fired power station in Moscow, Russia.

Project Details

Table 1: Unit-level details for CHP-9 (Mosenergo) power station

Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology CHP[1] Start year Retired year
1 operating[2] gas[2] 60 MW steam turbine[3] yes[2] 1983[3]
2 operating[2] gas[2] 70 MW steam turbine[3] yes[2] 1987[3]
3 operating[2] gas[2] 80 MW steam turbine[3] yes[2] 1991[3]
4 operating[2] gas[2] 65 MW gas turbine[2] yes[2] 2014[2]

Table 2: Unit-level ownership details for CHP-9 (Mosenergo) power station

Unit name Operator Owner Parent
1 Mosenergo[100.0%][2] Gazprom[100.0%][4]
2 Mosenergo[100.0%][2] Gazprom[100.0%][4]
3 Mosenergo[100.0%][2] Gazprom[100.0%][4]
4 Mosenergo[100.0%][2] Gazprom[100.0%][4]


Table 3: Plant-level location details for CHP-9 (Mosenergo) power station

Plant name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
CHP-9 (Mosenergo) power station Moscow, Russia 55.7050, 37.6500 (exact)[2][3]

The map below shows the exact location of the power station.

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CHPP-9 provides electricity and heat to the territory of the former ZIL (ЗИЛ) plant, the Moscow Metro, as well as the population and enterprises of a number of districts in the south and southeast of Moscow. The first capacities of CHPP-9 were put into operation in December 1933. At this power plant, for the first time in the domestic energy sector, a direct-flow power boiler with high superheated steam parameters of 130 atm and 500°C was installed. For its manufacturing, it was necessary to create more durable steel grades, since ordinary ones could not withstand such a high steam temperature.During the WWII, the mechanical workshops of the thermal power plant were adapted for the production of mobile power plants, shells for Katyushas, and other military products. By the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of April 1, 1945, the station was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor - for the successful development of high-pressure power equipment and uninterrupted work on the power supply of the defense industry of Moscow.In the mid-1950s, for the first time in the USSR, a comprehensive automation of the technological process in the boiler and turbine shop was carried out at the CHPP-9.CHPP-9 underwent a few modernization efforts. Turbine No. 5 was reconstructed; an ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis unit with a capacity of 120 t/h was introduced, which provided preliminary purification and partial desalination of Moskvoretskaya water. The equipment of KRU-6 kV of the coastal pumping station was replaced; installed modular SF6 complexes on communication transformers of 110 kV lines; Turbine No. 4 is equipped with an automated process control system. The shaft of the chimney was replaced, metering units for the consumption of industrial water on water conduits from coastal pumping stations were introduced.In April 2014, a GTE-65 gas turbine unit with an AE64.3A gas turbine manufactured by Ansaldo Energia (Italy) was put into operation at CHPP-9. The installed electric capacity of the gas turbine unit is 64.8 MW, the thermal capacity is 15 Gcal/h, with its commissioning, the installed electric capacity of CHPP-9 increased by 30% to 274.8 MW. The introduced generating equipment is characterized by high maneuverability and low fuel consumption. The commissioning of a gas turbine unit at CHPP-9 made it possible to increase the reliability of power supply to the south and southeast of the capital, and to improve the environmental performance of the power plant.[2]

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