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CSN Casima steel plant (Planta siderúrgica CSN Casima), also known as Complejo Siderúrgico Nacional Planta Casima, Sidetur, or Siderúrgica del Turbio, is a steel plant operating in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela. CSN Casima operates an electric arc furnace (EAF).


The map below shows the location of the plant in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.

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The 450 ttpa CSN Casima steel plant is one of two crude steel-making facilities owned by Venezuela's Complejo Siderúrgica Nacional (CSN)[1][2]; the other is CSN Barquisimeto[1][2], with an annual capacity of 250 ttpa.[3] These two plants supply CSN's four steel finishing facilities in Antímano (Caracas), Guarenas (Miranda), Guacara (Carabobo) and Barquisimeto.[4]

CSN Casima's steel production has been minimal in recent years, reflecting the economic challenges afflicting Venezuela's iron and steel industry.[5] In 2020, the plant produced less than 68,000 tonnes of steel billets.[6]

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