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Callide Oxyfuel Project was a Carbon Capture and Storage demonstration project in central Queensland, Australia.

The project is based at the Callide A power station, which was first built in 1965 and is being decommissioned. One of its 30-MW units was recommissioned to become the Callide Oxyfuel Project.[1] The Callide Oxyfuel Project was commissioned in 2012 and ceased operation in March 2015. The demonstration plant was subsequently decommissioned and the project finalised in May 2018.


The project was based at the Callide power station, which is located 18 kilometres east of Biloela in central Queensland.

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The A$245 million project was a joint venture partnership between CS Energy; ACA Low Emissions Technologies (ACALET); Glencore, Schlumberger Carbon Services; and Japanese participants J-Power, Mitsui, and IHI Corporation. The project was awarded A$63 million from the Australian Government under the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund and also received financial support from ACALET and the Japanese and Queensland governments, and technical support from JCOAL.[2]

CS Energy held a 75.22% share in Callide Oxyfuel Project, the joint venture company for the plant.[3]

The Callide Oxyfuel Project ran from December 2012 to March 2015 as a demonstration of oxyfuel combustion and carbon capture technology.[4]

Carbon dioxide captured at the plant was not buried at the site but transported by road to Victoria and "injected underground at CO2CRC’s Otway Project site in South Western Victoria."[5]

At the end of the project the consortium stated the project had "achieved over 10,000 hours of oxy-combustion and more than 5,500 hours of carbon capture from the coal-fired electricity generation facility at CS Energy’s Callide A Power Station."[5]


The Callide Oxyfuel Project was initilly scheduled to hand the site back to Callide A power station plant owner CS Energy in May 2016.[2]

In its 2015/2016 annual report CS Energy stated:[6]

"In 2015/16, following the successful demonstration, the Callide Oxyfuel Project was decommissioned and the joint venture consolidated the knowledge gained through the project. The plant decommissioning process has involved the sale or removal of various plant assets associated with the Callide Oxyfuel Project. At year end, the decommissioning was nearing completion and the project was expected to hand the site back to CS Energy in August 2016."

In its subsequent annual report CS Energy stated that:[7]

"The Oxyfuel carbon capture storage project is expected to be finalised by December 2017."

However, even that revised schedule was missed. The plant, according to the company's 2017/18 Annual Report, was finalised in May 2018.[8]

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: CS Energy
  • Parent company: CS Energy
  • Location: Biloela, Queensland, Australia
  • Coordinates: -24.3449896,150.6171146 (exact)
  • Status: Retired (March 2015)
  • Gross capacity: 30 MW
  • Type: Subcritical/CCS
  • In service: 2012-2015
  • Coal type: Bituminous and sub-bituminous
  • Coal source:
  • Source of financing:

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