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Cameby Downs Coal Mine is an operating coal mine in Dalby, Queensland, Australia.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Mine Name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Cameby Downs Coal Mine Dalby, Queensland, Australia -26.6181915, 150.3548193 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the coal mine:

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Project Details

Table 2: Project status

Status Status Detail Opening Year Closing Year
Operating 2010

Table 3: Operation details

Note: The asterisk (*) signifies that the value is a GEM estimated figure.
Capacity (Mtpa) Production (Mtpa) Year of Production Mine Type Mining Method Mine Size (km2) Mine Depth (m) Workforce Size
3.5[1] 2.86[2] 2022[2] Surface Open Pit 60* 180[3]

Table 4: Coal resources and destination

Total Reserves (Mt) Year of Total Reserves Recorded Total Resources (Mt) Coalfield Coal Type Coal Grade Primary Consumer/ Destination
85[1] 2022[1] Bituminous Thermal

Table 5: Ownership and parent company

Owner Parent Company Headquarters
Syntech Resources Shandong Energy China


Table 6: Project status

* Added capacity of a coal mine refers to the enhancement in the mine's production capabilities beyond its initial production capacity.
Status Status Detail Project Type Project Phase Added Capacity (Mtpa)* Start Year
Proposed Permitted Expansion 3[4]

Note: The above section was automatically generated and is based on data from the GEM April 2024 Global Coal Mine Tracker dataset.


Cameby Downs is an open cut coal mine in Queensland owned ultimately by Yanzhou Coal Mining Company, and operated by Syntech Resources, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yancoal Australia.

The project is located 100 km north-east of Dalby and approximately 360 km northwest of Brisbane in Southeast Queensland in the Surat Basin in Queensland. Mining began at Cameby Downs coal mine in 2010. In addition to an open cut mine, the complex has a coal handling preparation plant with an annual capacity of approximately 220 tonnes per hour.[5] After the coal is processed, it is transported to Brisbane Port using rail.[6]

Syntech Resources was a previous owner of the mine, but was acquired by Yangzhou in 2011.[5] It has since become a wholly owned subsidiary of Yanzhou.[7]

Since at least 2012, the mine’s owners and operators had planned to operate Cameby Downs under two stages: Phase I and Phase II.[5]

The Phase I stage of the company’s plan would allow for production of about 1.8 million tonnes of coal per year. This phase occurred right when mining commenced. Phase II of the project would increase production over time to about 16 million tonnes of coal per year, which could occur largely via obtaining ‘port allocation’.[5]

During Phase I, the mine’s life was estimated to be approximately 45 years.[7]

  • Sponsor: Yancoal Australia[8]
  • Parent Company: Yanzhou Coal Mining Company[6]
  • Location: Located 100 km north-east of Dalby and approximately 360 km northwest of Brisbane in Southeast Queensland in the Surat Basin in Queensland.[6]
  • GPS Coordinates: -26.6181915, 150.3548193
  • Status: operating[8]
  • Production Capacity:2.4 mtpa (2016)[8]
  • Total Resource:
  • Mineable Reserves: 305.9 million tonnes (Proved and Probable, 2015) [9]
  • Coal type: low ash thermal coal[6]
  • Mine Size: 27.2 square kilometers[5]
  • Mine Type: open cut[6]
  • Start Year: 2010[8]
  • Source of Financing:

Phase II: Expansion

Yancoal and Yangzhou began attempting to increase their annual production capacity as early as 2009. In 2009, Syntech Resources proposed increasing the production capacity from 1.8 million tonnes of coal per year to 25 million tonnes of coal per year.[10]

After Yancoal acquired Cameby Downs, they revised the plan and suggested increasing annual production to 14 million tonnes of coal per year.[10]

In 2016, Syntech Resources proposed increasing the annual mining rate to 3.5 Mtpa and increasing the life of the mine to approximately 75 years.[6] In 2019, the Queensland Government approved this expansion to begin as soon as the company could begin.[11]

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