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Carrasco power station (Termoeléctrica Carrasco) is a gas-fired power station in Cochabamba department, Bolivia.


The map below shows the exact location of the power station in Entre Ríos, Cochabamba department, Bolivia.

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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Empresa Eléctrica Valle Hermoso SA[1]
  • Parent company: ENDE (Empresa Nacional de Electricidad)[2]
  • Location: Entre Ríos, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Coordinates: -17.2125, -64.5275 (exact)[3]
  • Gross generating capacity (operating):
  • Gross generating capacity (proposed):
    • Unit ST: Steam turbine, 52 MW (start-up date unknown)[7]


The Carrasco power station has three gas-fired units: units CAR01 and CAR02 each have capacities of 62.50 MW, while unit CAR03 has a capacity of 27.60 MW.[5] Unit CAR03 is not included in GEM's Global Gas Plant Tracker due to the tracker's minimum capacity requirement of 50 MW.[8]

Bolivia's national electricity agency ENDE has proposed the the addition of a steam turbine at the Carrasco power station to create a combined cycle plant. However, financing for the project remains uncertain, and no timeline has been established for the proposed conversion.[7]

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