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Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO) is Iowa’s largest cooperative energy provider serving 13 rural electric cooperatives and associations spanning 58 of Iowa’s 99 counties. CIPCO's members serve a population of nearly 320,000 rural and urban residents and approximately 7,000 commercial and industrial accounts. CIPCO is a generation and transmission cooperative supplying power to its member distribution cooperatives covering a territory which stretches 300 miles diagonally across the state from the Mississippi River on the east to Shenandoah in the southwest.[1]

Existing Coal Plants

Plant State Year(s) Built Capacity Status
Fair Station IA 1960, 1967 62.5 MW Retired in 2013

Contact details

Central Iowa Power Cooperative
1400 Highway 13 SE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403
Phone: (319) 366-8011
Website: http://www.cipco.net/

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