Chahar Right Front Banner–Huade Gas Pipeline

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Chahar Right Front Banner–Huade Gas Pipeline 察右前旗-化德输气管道 is a proposed natural gas pipeline in Inner Mongolia, China.[1][2]


There is not published route or description of the pipeline, and it is assumed to run from Chahar Right Front Banner to Huade, Inner Mongolia, China.

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  • Status: Proposed[1][2]
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The project was first proposed in 2016,[2] and reporting mentions two possible segments: the Jining–Fengzhen Gas Pipeline 集宁-丰镇输气管道项目 (察右前旗段) and the Jining–Huade Gas Pipeline 集宁—化德输气管道项目 (察右前旗段). It was initially slated to begin construction in 2016 and begin operating in 2019.

The Inner Mongolia 14th Five-Year Plan mentions this project as still proposed, though does not provide further details.[1]

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