Chaparral NGL System

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Chaparral NGL System is an operating NGL pipeline system in the USA.[1]


The pipeline transports NGLs from natural gas processing facilities in West Texas and New Mexico to Mont Belvieu, Texas, USA.[1]

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Project details

  • Operator: Enterprise Products Operating LLC[2]
  • Owner: Chaparral Pipeline Company LLC[1][3]
  • Parent company: Enterprise Products Partners[3]
  • Capacity: 135,000 bpd[4]
  • Length: 1,085 miles[1]
  • Diameter:
  • Status: Operating[1]
  • Start year:
  • Cost:
  • Financing:
  • Associated infrastructure:


The Chaparral NGL System was initially an 800-mile pipeline owned by Diamond-Koch II LP. It was purchased along with the Quanah NGL Pipeline in 2002 by TEPPCO.[5] By 2008, the pipeline was 845 miles long and was being further expanded.[6] TEPPCO was a subsidiary of Enterprise GP Holdings, which was merged into Enterprise Products Partners in 2010.[7]

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