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Chennai power station, also known as the Gummidipoondi OPG power station, is a 414-megawatt (MW) coal plant owned by OPG Power Ventures in Tamil Nadu, India.

An additional 720 MW has been proposed.


The undated satellite photo below shows the power station in Chennai.

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The first 77MW unit, referred to by OPG as 'Chennai 1', was commissioned in April 2010 and is operated by Tata Power.[1] Another 77MW unit, referred to by OPG as Chennai II, is currently under construction and is scheduled to be commissioned in 2012.

Beyond this expansion, the company have sought approval for a 160MW addition (in two 80 MW phases) to be commissioned in 2013. According to the company, "The land for the project has been acquired and with the public hearing completed, final environmental clearances for the project are expected during Q1 2011. Equipment for the project has been ordered and construction is expected to commence in 2011."[2]In an Environmental Impact Assessment (undated), OPG Power Ventures describes two expansions, one of 160MW and the other of 80MW, for a total of 240MW. It is not known whether the company currently intends to pursue both of these expansions, or only the 160MW expansion described on the company's website.[3]

Chennai III (80 MW) was commissioned in June 2013.[4]

Chennai IV (180 MW, upgraded from 160 MW) began commercial operation in May 2014.[5]


In April 2015 OPG Power Ventures submitted an application for a terms of reference for two more units of 360 MW each, Chennai V and VI. The units would bring the power station's total capacity to 1134 MW[6]

The units received a terms of reference on June 23, 2015.[7]

Chennai V and VI are no longer mentioned on the website or in the 2016 annual report. Instead, the company began touting a new 62 GW solar initiative. It appears that Units V and VI have been abandoned.[8]

Coal supply

In the executive summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment, OPG state that the project would source over 2.1 million tonnes a year with 860,000 tonnes from an unspecified Indonesian source and 1.3 million tonnes from Mahanadhi Coalfields.[3]

Water supply

OPG states in its environmental assessment that water for the proposed expansion would be obtained from groundwater sources via a bore well.[9]

Project Details

Sponsor: OPG Power Ventures
Location: Peria Obulapuram and Papankuppam villages, Gummidipoondi taluk, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 13.437438, 80.093182 (exact)
Status: Capacity:

  • Chennai I: 77 MW
  • Chennai II: 77 MW
  • Chennai III: 80 MW
  • Chennai IV: 180 MW (upgraded from 160 MW)
  • Chennai V: 360 MW
  • Chennai VI: 360 MW


  • Chennai I: Operating (2010)
  • Chennai II: Operating (2012)
  • Chennai III: Operating (2013)
  • Chennai IV: Operating (2014)
  • Chennai V and VI: Cancelled

Type: Subcritical[9]
Projected in service: 2014 (Chennai IV)
Coal Type:
Coal Source: 50% unspecified Indonesian mine(s); 50% indigenous coal from Mahanadhi Coalfields[9]
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:
Permits and applications:

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