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China Guodian Corporation, which is commonly referred to as Guodian, is one of the five largest power producers in the People's Republic of China. It is a government owned business which is administrated by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC) for the People's Republic of China. It is involved in the construction and operation of power stations in China as well as in Burma.

On August 28 2017, SASAC announced that China Guodian Corporation and Shenhua Group will be jointly restructured. Shenhua Group will become China Energy Investment Corporation and will absorb China Guodian Corporation. [1]


On its website the company states that it is listed in the Fortune Global 500 and that, as of June 2010, the total assets of the company were USD$68.5 billion. The company states that it has 84,725 megawatts(MW) of installed capacity of which 71,286MW or 84% is coal-fired. On its website it states that "among the coal-fired units, there are 44 units with the single unit capacity equal or larger than 600 MW, taking 39.2% of total thermal power. And the units with single unit capacity of 300MW and above take 84.9% of the total thermal power capacity."China Guodian is the largest wind power operator in Asia and No.5 largest in the world.[2]

The company states that in June 2010 it "owns 13.8 billion tons of coal reserve with 41 million tons of annual output."[2]

Listed subsidiaries

Insurance business

China Guodian Corporation is setting up a property insurance company in Beijing to diversify business into other areas, trying to aid its move towards becoming a more comprehensive energy conglomerate.[4] China Guodian will hold the majority stake in the proposed new insurance company, whose registered capital is expected to reach 1 billion yuan ($146 million).

In the first half of 2008, China Guodian invested in a life insurance company. Later in September, the group purchased a 19.6 percent stake in a city commercial bank in Shijiazhuang, capital city of Hebei province, becoming the bank's largest shareholder.

Prior to China Guodian, the State Grid Corp and several other energy groups also expanded their businesses to the financial sector. They have established a number of insurance companies and hold stakes in securities and futures brokerages.


As of June 2008, the Company's total assets amounted to 284.3 billion yuan.

Dam Project in Cambodia

China Guodian intends to build a hydroelectric dam in Cambodia. [5] The project sourld result in the flooding of almost 2,000 hectares of rainforests, some of which would be forest land sacred to Buddhists in Carda­mom Protected Forest. [6] [7] Buddhist Monks living in the area, which would be flooded, have voiced protest against the flooding, which would inundate their monastery completely. [8]

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