Chittagong-Dhaka Oil Pipeline

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Chittagong-Dhaka Oil Pipeline is an under construction fuel oil pipeline in Bangladesh.[1][2]


The pipeline will run from BPC's Chattogram tank terminal at Padma Oil Installations at Patenga to Godnail Tank Terminal in Narayanganj (237.71-km segment )and then to Fatullah in Narayanganj (8.29-km segment).[2]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC)[1]
  • Parent Company: PETROBANGLA[1]
  • Current Capacity:
  • Proposed Capacity: 60,000 barrels per day[3]
  • Length: 152.86 miles / 246 km[2]
  • Cost: US$304 million[4]
  • Status: Construction[2]
  • Start Year: 2022[2]


In 2015, the Bangladeshi government announced it would construct a 250-km fuel oil pipeline between Chittagong and Dhaka by 2017, aiming to reduce transport cost and stop pilferage of fuel.[5] Up until that time, the country depended on coastal tankers, railway wagons, and tank-lorries to carry both crude and refined oils to end-users after import from global suppliers into Chittagong (Chattogram) depots, as it had no major oil-carrying pipeline. As a result, fuel oil was being stolen at different points along the railway and waterway routes during its supply from Chittagong port and Eastern Refinery Limited to different areas across the country.[6] The state-run Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) was chosen to implement the project.

In September 2017, the BPC announced that the proposed 25-billion-taka pipeline would be built by the Bangladesh Army.[3]

The proposed pipeline will connect BPC's Chattogram tank terminal to Godnail tank terminal in Narayanganj and then will extend to Fatullah in Narayanganj.[6][2]

Project delays

While the project was initially estimated to be completed by 2017, commissioning still has not occurred as of December 2019.[7] As of January 2019, the project is still planned for implementation.[6] In March 2020 BPC announced that due to design changes the pipeline would not be completed until June 2022.[8]

COVID-19 further delayed the project as delivery of pipes from China was hampered.[2]As of May 2021, 30 percent of the work was completed. [2]

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