Cirebon-KHT Gas Pipeline

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The Cirebon KHT Gas Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline in Indonesia.[1] As of October 2021, there had been no evident progress on the pipeline for over two years, and it is therefore considered shelved.


The pipeline runs from Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia to Kandanghaur, West Java, Indonesia.[1]

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Project Details

  • Owner: Rekind[2]
  • Proposed capacity:
  • Length: 52 miles / 84 kilometers[1]
  • Status: Shelved
  • Start Year: 2021


The pipeline is part of the Trans Java gas pipeline integration project which is planned to be commissioned by 2021.[1] In addition to Cirebon KHT Gas Pipeline, the project also includes Tegalgede-Muara Tawar Gas Pipeline and Cirebon-Semarang Gas Pipeline.[2][1] In August 2021 the Jakarta Post reported that the project was "in limbo."[3]

As of October 2021, there had been no progress on the project in more than two years, and it appears to be shelved.

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