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Formed in 2006, Citizens for Environmental Inquiry is a Michigan-based grassroots group working to educate citizens about the environmental and public health risks associated with coal-burning power plants. The group was originally created to fight the Wolverine Clean Energy Venture, a coal plant proposed for Rogers City, MI.

The group’s mission statement includes the following:

  • To alert the public of the effects of coal-burning power plants in northeast Michigan and beyond
  • To address public health and environmental concerns related to coal power plants
  • To protect the environment through education, research and, if necessary, litigation
  • To inform people of clean, sustainable energy alternatives to coal-burning power plants
  • To protect the environmental health and well-being of Michigan and the Great Lakes
  • To educate consumers about the financial risks associated with coal-burning power plants, in an economic climate rapidly turning away from coal

Michigan currently has no rules governing carbon dioxide pollution. With several new coal power plants proposed for the state, CEI is seeking to stall any further development until regulations are in place. In February 2008, CEI filed suit against the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, asking for an injunction against all new coal plants until the state establishes regulations for CO2 emissions.

Targeted coal plant proposals

Group details

Location: Presque Isle, MI
Group website: Citizens for Environmental Inquiry
Contact: logman39 [at]


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