Clyde Park coal project

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Clyde Park coal project was a thermal coal project proposed by TerraCom in Queensland, Australia.[1]

The Clyde Park coal project has since combined with the Hughenden coal mine (formerly called White Mountain Project) and Pentland coal mines to form the Northern Galilee coal project.[2]


The Clyde Park site lies 70 km northwest of the town of Pentland, Queensland, Australia.[3]

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Coal Mine Background

In 2012 Guildford Coal applied for a license for Clyde Park.[4]

TerraCom was formerly called Guildford Coal, changing its name in November 2015.[5] The site lies on the Northeastern edge of the Galilee basin, a large, unmined coal basin in Queensland. There are a number of sites proposed for the Galilee Basin, including Clyde Park. The majority of the coal would be exported to the Asia/Pacific region. TerraCom is a new miner with investments in Australia and Mongolia.[5]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Clyde Park Coal[1]
  • Parent Company: TerraCom (64.4%),[1] Tiaro Coal has a 29.2% share in the project[6]
  • Location: 70 km north-west of Pentland, Queensland, Australia
  • GPS Coordinates: -20.155867, 144.869070 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled[1]
  • Production Capacity: 1.8[7]
  • Total Resource: 728 million tonnes[3]
  • Minable Reserves:
  • Coal type: Thermal[1]
  • Mine Size: 133 km2[1]
  • Mine Type: Surface
  • Start Year:
  • Source of Financing:

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