Coal activist strategies

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Phasing out coal

  • Opposing new coal plants
  • Phasing out existing coal plants
  • Cap-and-trade laws
  • Carbon taxes
  • Carbon dioxide emissions standards such as the Schwarzenegger clause
  • Eliminating federal loans
  • Discouraging private finance

Limiting coal supplies

  • Placing coal reserves in parks or private trusts
  • Prohibiting mountaintop removal
  • Discouraging new transportation infrastructure
  • Restricting exports of coal from federal lands
  • Blocking new coal mines
  • Limiting expansion of existing mines through strict enforcement of environmental standards
  • Making climate change a factor in federal coal leasing

Promoting alternatives

  • Renewable portfolio standards
  • Feed-in tariffs
  • Promoting efficiency and conservation
  • Developing wind, solar thermal, photovoltaic, geothermal,



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