Coal power station accidents

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While promoters of coal-fired power stations commonly claim that they are cheap and reliable plants, coal power station accidents and shutdowns are surprisingly common.

Fire at Tata Mundra power station, India, November 2013

On November 14 2013 a fire broke out on a coal conveyor at the coal-handling plant at Coastal Gujarat Power Limited's (CGPL) 4000 MW Tata Mundra Ultra Mega Power Project. In a regulatory filing on December 6 stated that "coal feeding to the plant was impacted due to fire and the repair works that followed. Restoration of the impact of fire on conveyor was achieved on November 20, 2013. The company has processed the insurance claim as per coverage." CGPL's Chief Executive Officer K K Sharma attributed the cause of the fire to high calorific Indonesian, which he said was susceptible to spontaneous combustion.[1]

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