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Columbia Water & Light is the municipality for Columbia, Missouri. The majority of its electric power is bought from electric producers. In 2006, these suppliers contributed the following percentage to Columbia's electric portfolio: Ameren (40.4%), Sikeston through its Sikeston Power Station (33.5%), Nearman Board of Public Utilities through its Nearman Creek Power Station (9.3%), the wholesale market (8.9%), the local Columbia Municipal Power Plant (7.6%), and Columbia Energy Center (0.2%).[1]

Columbia Water & Light and Coal

Columbia Municipal Power Plant is a coal-fired power station owned and operated by the Columbia Water & Light Department in Columbia, Missouri. The plant is owned by the citizens of Columbia and has the capability to burn coal, gas and oil.[1]

According to the Columbia Water & Light and Coal website, "due to the cost-effectiveness of coal it is the primary fuel source at this time. Low sulfur coal from Kentucky is used to reduce emissions. The coal also has a high BTU content which means that more electricity can be created per ton used. The power plant is in full compliance with air quality standards set forth by the Missouri Air Conservation Commission (MACC) and approved by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The local plant operates only when it is cost effective and produces approximately 7% of Columbia's energy needs."[1]

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Columbia Water and Light
P.O. Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205
Tel: (573) 874-7325

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