Concerned Citizens of Carroll County

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Concerned Citizens of Carroll County are dedicated to responsible stewardship of Missouri's environment. They believe in:

  • Property rights of the individual, and the civil rights of all.
  • Uncontaminated and undiminished water supply.
  • Unpolluted and well-managed natural resources.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Renewable energy research, development, and use.
  • Decreased reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Agriculture and agribusiness heritage as the foundation of our quality of life.
  • A safe and healthy future for our children.
  • Safe, uncontaminated food production and acquisition.
  • Improved economy without sacrificing any of the above.

Targeted coal plant proposals

Group details

Location: Norborne, MO
Group website: Concerned Citizens of Carroll County
Contact: mail [at]


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