Czech-Polish Interconnector Gas Pipeline (CPI)

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Czech-Polish Interconnector Gas Pipeline (CPI), also known as Stork II, was a proposed bi-directional gas pipeline in the Czech Republic and Poland.[1] It was shelved in July 2020.[2]


The pipeline will pass through the municipalities of Libhošť and Hať in the Czech Republic, and Kędzierzyn, Poland.[3][4][5]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner: NET4GAS, s.r.o. / GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
  • Capacity:
  • Length: 207 km / 128.6 miles[6]
  • Diameter: 39 inches
  • Status: Proposed[2]
  • Financing: Two grants totalling €1,629,618 from the EU's Connecting Europe Facility[7][8]
  • Start Year:
  • Cost: US$305,996,600[1]


The proposed Czech-Polish Gas Interconnector, known as "Stork II"[3], consisted of the construction of a pipeline that would interconnect the existing transmission systems of the Czech Republic and Poland. It was initially expected to be commissioned between 2022 and 2023.[9]

Pipeline & Gas Journal reported on July 16, 2020 that the NET4GAS 2021-2030 development plan shows the company has "shelved its Czech-Polish pipeline project STORK II that was to boost cross-border capacity with Poland from 2023."[2] Enerdata stated the project "will be downsized and is no longer expected before 2027-2028." The Moravia gas pipeline between Tvrdonice at the Austrian and Slovak border and Libhošť near Poland, part of STORK II, is one of the projects to be shelved by the company.[10]

NET4GAS told Reuters "The current 10-year plan does not expect the BACI and STORK II projects in their earlier planned form, mainly because they are not at the moment included in the European list of projects of common interest.”[11]

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas project codes are "TRA-A-136" (Czech-Polish Gas Interconnector (CPI)) and "TRA-A-273" (Poland - Czech Republic Gas Interconnection (PL section)).[1] The project is listed in ENTSOG's 2022 release of their TYNDP, as TRA-N-1009.[12]

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