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The Dakota Resource Council (DRC) was founded in 1978 as an umbrella for local groups seeking to protect North Dakota's agricultural resources from unchecked energy development. With its massive coal reserves as well as the largest wind resource among the 50 states, North Dakota is at the epicenter of the debate over coal versus renewable alternatives.

Currently, DRC works with six affiliate organizations:

  • Badlands Area Resource Council
  • Grand Forks County Citizens Coalition
  • McKenzie County Energies and Taxation Association
  • Missouri Valley Resource Council
  • Souris Valley Chapter
  • South Agassiz Resource Council

DRC has been an active opponent of the Big Stone II power plant proposal. Recently, the Council also learned of plans to build a gasification plant in South Heart, North Dakota.

Targeted coal plant proposals

Group details

Location: Headquarters in Dickinson, ND; field offices in Fargo and Bismarck, ND
Group website: Dakota Resource Council
Contact: Mary Mitchell, mary [at] drcinfo.com
Cindy Klein cindy [at] drcinfo.com

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