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Darkov Coal Mine was an underground coal mine in Stonava, Moravian-Silesian, Czech Republic.[1]

The mine, which was operated by OKD (Ostrava-Karviná doly), closed in 2021 as it was no longer profitable.[2]


The satellite image below shows the exact location of the now-closed mine.

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OKD operated the mine, which is owned by New World Resources, a publicly listed company. Mining activity has even taking place in the area since the mid 1800s. The mine was first named the Darkov mine in the 1950s. The mine used underground long wall techniques and had a maximum depth of 1,011 metres.[1]

OKD's parent company, New World Resources, has filed for insolvency and it is expected that the mining operations of OKD, including Darkov mine, will be closed following the completion of the petition.[3]


In 2010, a mine quake led to one fatality and one hospitalisation. The accident occurred 800 metres below ground, two miners were involved.[4]


On February 23, 2021, miners took out the symbolic last cart of coal from the Darkov Mine.[2] Following the mine's termination, it was handed over to the state company Diamo for mine mitigation work.[2][5]

Mine Details

  • Operator: Ostrava-Karviná doly (OKD a.s.)[1]
  • Owner: Ostrava-Karviná doly (OKD a.s.)
  • Location: Stonava, Moravian-Silesian, Czech Reuplic[1]
  • Coordinates: 49.83004269, 18.52566327 (Exact)
  • Status: Permanently Closed
  • Production: 1.65 million tonnes per annum (2020)[6]
  • Total Resource:
  • Mineable Reserves: 8.65 million tonnes (2020)[6]
  • Coal Type: Bituminous (Thermal & Met)
  • Mine Type: Underground (Longwall)
  • Start Year: 1972[7]
  • Closure Year: 2021[2]

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