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China Steel Dragon Steel plant (中龍鋼鐵股份有限公司 (Chinese)) (also known as DSC, Zhonglong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., and Kuei-Yi Industrial Co., and Ltd. (predecessor)) is a 6080.0-thousand tonnes per annum (ttpa) nan steel plant in Taichung, in Taiwan. China Steel Dragon Steel plant operates a blast furnace (BF), basic oxygen furnace (BOF), and electric arc furnace (EAF).


The map below shows the exact location of the steel plant in Longjing, in Taiwan.

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China Steel Corporation owns both the Dragon Steel and China Steel Structure plants in Taiwan.

Plant Details

  • Alternative plant names: DSC, Zhonglong Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Kuei-Yi Industrial Co., Ltd. (predecessor)
  • Other language plant name: 中龍鋼鐵股份有限公司 (Chinese)
  • Location: No.100, Longchang Rd., Longjing Dist., Taichung City 434, Taiwan
  • GPS Coordinates: 24.226897, 120.493911 (exact)
  • Plant status: operating[1]
  • Start year: 1993[1]
  • State-owned entity status: N/A
  • Parent company: Dragon Steel Corporation (DSC) [100%]
  • Parent company PermID: GEM0000464 [100%]
  • Owner: Dragon Steel Corporation (DSC)[1]
  • Owner PermID: GEM0000464
  • Crude steel production capacities (thousand tonnes per annum): 6080.0
    • Basic oxygen furnace / Blast furnace (BOF/BF): 5000[1]
    • Electric arc furnace (EAF): 1080[1]
  • Crude iron production capacities (thousand tonnes per annum): 5000
    • Pig iron/hot metal: 5000[1]
    • Sinter: 6200[1]
    • Coke: 2118[1]
  • Steel product category: flat, long[1]
  • Steel products: structural steel, high-strength low alloy steel, hot-rolled coils, narrow steel plates, H beams, billet[1][2]
  • Workforce size: 3224[3]
  • ISO50001 certification year: 2021[4]
  • Main production equipment: BF, BOF, EAF[1]
  • Detailed production equipment: 2 coking plants; 2 sinter plants; 2 BF (began in 2013 and 2010); 3 BOF; 1 EAF (150-tonne, twin-shell DC EAF)[1][5]

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