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Drakelow power station is a retired 1,075-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Staffordshire County, United Kingdom.[1]


The map below shows the location of the power station in Staffordshire County, United Kingdom.

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The Drakelow power station was, for a while, the largest power station in Europe. Consisting of three blocks (A, B, and C), the power plant had an extremely large capacity. It began construction in 1950; the first few units (2 x 60 MW and 2 x 62 MW) that made up Phase A were commissioned in 1955, for a total cost of £23 million. Phase B and C soon followed. Phase A and B closed in the 1984 and 1993, respectively. Phase C, commissioned between 1965-1967, consisted of two 350 MW units and one 375 MW unit.[1]

These units were operational until 2003, when owner E.ON announced their intention to close the plant and disconnected the plant from the national grid in March, 2003. It was left standing until October 2005, when it was formally authorized to close. Most of the plant was demolished between 2005 and early 2006. The six remaining cooling towers were scheduled to be demolished in July 2006, but ended up being demolished in September 2006 due to technical errors.[1]

In May 2020, company Vital Energi signed a contract to develop a new £120 million waste-to-energy plant on the site of the Drakelow power station.[2] The new renewable plant will generate 18MWe of electricity from refuse derived fuel (RDF), which includes domestic and business waste. Designed to prevent waste from entering the landfill, the plant will be able to process 169,000 tonnes of RDF each year and provide energy for 14,000 homes. E.ON would have a 33 year lease on the plant, which is scheduled to finish construction in 2023. Vital Energi will have a 30-year concession to operate it.[3][4][5]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: E.On Uk Plc
  • Parent company: E.ON
  • Location: Staffordshire County, United Kingdom
  • Coordinates: 52.773737, -1.657641 (exact)
  • Coal type: Unknown
  • Coal source:
  • Gross generating capacity (retired): 1,075 MW
    • Unit 9: Coal-fired subcritical, 350 MW (start-up in 1965)
    • Unit 10: Coal-fired subcritical, 350 MW (start-up in 1965)
    • Unit 12: Coal-fired subcritical, 375 MW (start-up in 1967)

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