Duferco La Louvière steel plant

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Duferco La Louvière steel plant is an integrated steel plant in La Louvière, Belgium.[1]


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in La Louvière, Belgium.

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The La Louvière steel plant facility was previously operated under shared ownership by NLMK and Duferco.[2] In 2013, the Duferco portion of the steel plant closed, but the NLMK areas of the plant continued to operate.[3]

Plant Details

  • Private/State ownership: private[3]
  • Parent company: Duferco[3]
  • Owner: Duferco La Louvière S.A.[3]
  • Alternative plant names: SA Usine Boel, Usines Gustave Boël, UGB
  • Location: Rue des Rivaux 2, 7100 La Louvière, Belgium[1]
  • GPS Coordinates: 50.489531, 4.192024 (exact)
  • Plant status: closed in 2013[3]
  • Start year: 1853 (age 169–170)[3]
  • Production capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):
    • Crude steel: 2100 (BF-BOF)[2]
  • Steel product category: long[3]
  • Steelmaking process: integrated[3]

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