Dzhebariki-Khaya coal mine

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The Dzhebariki-Khaya Coal Mine (разрез Джебарики-Хая) is an operating surface mine in Sakha Republic, Russia.


The map below shows the exact location of the mine. The surface mine is visible on the right, the former underground mine on the left.[1][2]

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The Dzhebariki-Khaya coal mine is a surface mine, operated by Yakutugol, a subsidiary of Mechel.

The mine began in 1940 as an underground mine. In 1973, following an explosion at the underground mine, the mine was switched to opencast mining. In 1985, a new underground mine was reopened. Starting in 2014, Yakutugol began a planned transition in which the underground mine will be shut down, and the mine will continue solely as an opencast mine.[3] The last coal from the underground mine was extracted in 2016 and the mine started operating as a surface mine in 2017 with capacity of 0.32 million tonnes.[4]

Coal from the Dzhebariki-Khaya coal mine is sold to state housing and municipal services in the northern and central parts of the Republic of Sakha.[4][5] The mine is only accessible by means of the Aldan River.[5]

Mine Details

  • Operator : Yakutugol
  • Owner: Mechel
  • Location: Dzhebariki-Khaya, Tomponsky (Tompo) District, Sakha Republic, Russia
  • Coordinates: 62.196665, 135.874786 (exact)
  • Status: Operating[5]
  • Production Capacity: 0.32 MTPA[4], 0.3 million tonnes (2020)[5], 0.2 million tonnes (2021)[5]
  • Total Resource: 93 million tonnes (2021)[5]
  • Mineable Reserves: 1.6 million tonnes (2021)[5]
  • Coal type: Subbituminous (Thermal)[5]
  • Mine Type: Surface
  • Start Year: 2014[3]
  • Source of Financing:

Articles and resources


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