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The ES-Mucuri B Gas Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline off the Atlantic coast of southeastern Brazil.


The proposed pipeline would run northwest from the offshore post-salt fields of Brazil's Espírito Santo-Mucuri Basin to the Cacimbas natural gas processing facility in Espírito Santo state.[1]

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Project Details

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  • Capacity: 12 million cubic meters per day)[1]
  • Length: 157 km / 98 miles[1]
  • Status: Proposed
  • Start Year:


The ES-Mucuri Gas Pipeline is one of several new gas pipelines proposed in the Brazilian government's November 2019 plan for offshore gas infrastructure development. The proposed pipeline would bring gas from the post-salt fields of the Espírito Santo-Mucuri basin to an onshore gas processing facility on the coast of Espírito Santo state.[1]

Two versions of the pipeline have been proposed: ES-Mucuri A and ES-Mucuri B. The ES-Mucuri B proposal calls for construction of an 157-kilometer, 14-inch pipeline with an estimated development cost of R$ 3.1 billion (3.1 billion Brazilian reais) and the capacity to transport 12 million cubic meters of natural gas per day to Petrobras's existing gas processing facility at Cacimbas. The ES-Mucuri A alternative would bring gas to a new gas processing facility to be constructed at the Port of Imetame.[1]

A November 2021 update of the Brazilian government's offshore gas infrastructure plan continued to list the ES-Mucuri B pipeline as an active project, noting that it was still in the "initial studies" phase.[2]

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