Eagle Ford JV Pipeline System

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Eagle Ford JV Pipeline System is an oil pipeline in Texas, United States.[1]


The pipeline runs from Gardendale, Texas, to Corpus Christi, Texas.

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Project Details

  • Owner: Plains All American Pipeline (operator, 50% owner), Enterprise GP Holdings (50% owner)[1][2]
  • Current capacity: 660,000 barrels per day[2]
  • Length: 660 miles (including gathering systems owned wholly by Plains All American feeding into the Gardendale Station)[2]
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2013


The Eagle Ford JV Pipeline system is a 50/50 joint venture (JV) between Plains All American Pipeline L.P. and Enterprise Products Partners that delivers crude oil and condensate via pipeline from Gardendale in La Salle County, Texas to the Three Rivers and Corpus Christi refineries and to other markets through marine transport facilities at Corpus Christi.[3] The pipeline also supplies the Houston-area market through a connection to the Enterprise Crude Pipeline terminal at Lyssy in Wilson County, Texas.[3]

The pipeline was originally announced in August 2012, with a targeted capacity of 350,000 barrels per day and 1.8 million barrels of operational storage capacity across the pipeline system.[4]

In September 2013, Plains All American and Enterprise Products announced a $120 million expansion of the pipeline, increasing its capacity to 470,000 barrels per day of light and medium crude and boosting storage capacity by 2.3 million barrels.[5]

In November 2014, Plains All American Pipeline, L.P. and Enterprise Products Partners L.P. announced that they would double the capacity of the Eagle Ford JV Pipeline from Three Rivers to Corpus Christi to more than 600,000 barrels per day, in addition to constructing a new condensate gathering system into their Three Rivers terminal.[3] The project includes constructing 55 miles of gathering and trunkline pipeline connecting Karnes County and Live Oak County production areas to the Three Rivers terminal, an additional 70-mile-long, 20-inch pipeline from Three Rivers to Corpus Christi, and expanded storage and pumping capacity at Three Rivers.

Expansion Projects

Expansion Project 1

According to June 2020 data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the extension resulted in a capacity increase from 300,000 barrels per day to 600,000 barrels per day. The expansion included a 20-inch loop of the entire system, more pumping capacity, and a connection to the Cactus Oil Pipeline in Gardendale, Texas.[6]

Expansion Project 1 Details

  • Owner: Enterprise Products Partners; Plains All American[6]
  • Capacity: 300,000 barrels per day[6]
  • Length: 0.0 new miles of pipeline[6]
  • Status: Operating[6]
  • Start Year: 2015[6]

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