Eastern Anatolian Gas Pipeline

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Eastern Anatolian Gas Pipeline is a gas pipeline in Turkey.[1]


The pipeline starts from Doğubayazıt and reaches Ankara through Erzurum, Sivas, and Kayseri, and another branch thereof reaches Seydişehir through Kayseri and Konya.[1]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner: BOTAŞ[1]
  • Capacity: 10 bcm/y[2]
  • Length: 1,491 km[1][2]
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2001[1]


According to BOTAŞ Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS), the state-owned crude oil and natural gas pipelines and trading company in Turkey, the pipeline aims to transport natural gas produced mainly in Iran and other countries to the east of Turkey.[1]


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