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El Descanso mine or Mina El Descanso is located in northern Colombia, near the El Paso municipality in the Cesar Department of Colombia.[1] When mining began, the mine was considered the largest in the country and one of the largest in the world.[2][3]


The satellite photo below shows the location of Mina El Descanso, located between the municipalities of Becerril and Agustín Codazzi.[4]

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El Descanso was bought by Drummond from EcoCarbonin 1997.[5][6] It was the company's second mine when it began operation in 2009.[4] In August 2010 Drummond stated that it planned to expand the mine from its "current capacity of 3 million tonnes per year to 25 million tonnes per year over the next three years." The company also stated that this would require the expansion of the Puerto Drummond coal port which handles coal from both El Descanso mine and the company's La Loma mine. In a media release, the company stated that it has "committed to the government to build a direct ship loader" at Puerto Drummond.[7]

In 2011, Japan's Itochu Corporation entered into a joint venture with Drummond under the name Drummond International LLC. According to the terms of the partnership, Itochu assumed a 20% ownership stake in Drummond's Colombian coal operations, including the Descanso mine, while Drummond retained an 80% stake.[8]

Coal production at Drummond's Colombian operations totaled 32.7 million tonnes in 2019[9], with approximately 22.5 million tonnes coming from the El Descanso mine.[10]

Coal Spill

According to Wood Mackenzie, "In 2013, a barge ferrying coal at Puerto Drummond overturned and sunk. The incident resulted in the Colombian government suspending Drummond's export license for nearly a month and implementing a new regulation requiring direct ship loading as [of] 1 January 2014."[6]

Project Details

  • Owner: Drummond Company Inc., Itochu Coal Americas[8]
  • Parent company: Drummond International LLC[11] (Drummond 80%, Itochu 20%)[12]
  • Location: between the municipalities of Becerril and Agustín Codazzi, in Cesar Department of Colombia[4][2][1]
  • GPS coordinates: 9.7050912, -73.5231884
  • Mine status: Operating[4]
  • Start year: 2009[4][5]
  • Mineable reserves: 1.7 billion tonnes[5]
  • Coal type:
  • Mine size: 42,800 hectares[2]
  • Mine type: Surface
  • Production: 22.5 million tonnes per year[10]
  • Additional proposed production:
  • Equipment:
  • Number of employees:2,496[11]

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