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The Empresa Nacional De Electricidad S.A. (Endesa) was founded in 1943 as a government owned electricity generation, distribution and retailing utility. It was progressively privatized between 1987 and 1989. It is not traded on the New York Stock Exchange and on the Madrid Stock Exchange through the Latin American Securities Market.[1]

On its website Endesa states that Endesa Chile and its subsidiaries operate 139 units in four Latin American countries, with a total installed capacity of 12,906 megawatts (MW). "Endesa Chile is the principal electricity generator in Chile and one of the country’s largest companies. It operates a total of 4,893 MW of capacity, representing 36% of the country’s installed capacity. 70.7% of the installed capacity of Endesa Chile and its subsidiaries is hydroelectric, 28.9% is thermal and 0.4% wind generated."[2]

Endesa's International operations

On its website Endesa states that:[2]

  • "In Argentina, through Endesa Costanera and Hidroeléctrica El Chocón, it operates a total of 3,652 MW capacity, which represents 14% of the total on the Argentine electricity grid";
  • "In Colombia, through Emgesa, it operates a total of 2,895 MW of capacity, representing 21% of Colombia’s installed capacity"; and
  • "In Peru, through Edegel, it operates a total of 1,467 MW of capacity, representing 28% of the Peruvian grid".

It also states that Endesa Chile "participates in the Brazilian generation, transmission and distribution markets through its associate company Endesa Brasil, jointly with Enersis and the Spanish parent Endesa, S.A. Endesa Brasil has 987 MW of installed capacity through Cachoeira Dourada and Endesa Fortaleza, plus two transmission lines with a total installed capacity of 2,100 MW, through CIEN. Endesa Chile operates the generating assets of Endesa Brasil."[2]

Coal-fired power stations

In a presentation to investors in March 2010, Endesa stated that it projected that there would be "9,400 MW of new capacity during next 10 years" in Chile and that "3,300 MW are already under construction". Of the new supply, Endesa projected that coal would account for 38% of the new capacity.[3]

Existing coal-fired power stations

Proposed coal-fired power stations

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Website: http://www.endesa.cl/Endesa_Chile/action.asp?id=00010&lang=en

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