Enbridge Line 79 Oil Pipeline

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Enbridge Line 79 Oil Pipeline is an oil pipeline in the United States.[1]


The pipeline runs from Enbridge’s Stockbridge Terminal, near Stockbridge, Michigan to near Van Buren, Michigan, USA.[2]

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Project details

  • Operator:
  • Owner: Enbridge[1]
  • Parent company: Enbridge
  • Capacity: 80,000 barrels per day[2]
  • Length: 61 miles[2]
  • Diameter: 16 inches, 20 inches[2]
  • Status: Operating[2]
  • Start year: 2013[1]


Enbridge 79 is a 61-mile pipeline carrying light and heavy crude oil from Stockbridge, Michigan, to Romulus, Michigan. Line 79 runs adjacent to Enbridge Line 17 Oil Pipeline.[1] The pipeline has a capacity of 80,000 barrels per day.[3]

Part of the 61-mile Enbridge 79 Oil Pipeline was a 29-mile pipeline that Enbridge leases from Wolverine Pipe Line Company, which runs from Freedom Junction to Romulus, Michigan. The remaining pipeline is new and began operating in 2013.[4]

As of 2022, it appears that Enbridge now owns the entirety of the 61-mile pipeline.[2]

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